Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What?! Wednesday- She did what?

Happy Wednesday!!  I just realized today that I haven't done What?! Wednesday since October! YIKES!! I must have gotten VERY busy...  If you don't know, What?! Wednesday is a comment party (maybe a linky party one day! If you are interested in linking up with your own post let me know!).  You can see my October edition HERE.  

Here is the idea: you know we all LOVE those funny or ridiculous stories about our wonderful students that make you and your partners in crime coworkers say "What?!"  (or "EWWW" or "You gotta be kidding me!" You get the idea...) Well, I think it's time to start sharing with each other so we can all have a good laugh!

So my story today is unfortunately about an adult... I just have to share this one.  There is a particular sub who is at our building a lot who is a delightful person and I have always enjoyed her. (that's all I can say so as not to give too many clues to my team!)  Well, I was coming in and out of the room testing one day and she was walking around the room flossing her teeth (ok, fine, whatever... floss away.  Healthy gums and all that).  But the kicker was that she was SPITTING it on the FLOOR!! WHAT?!?! Are you kidding me?!


THEN when I sat down at my desk at lunch time (deep breath... I'm reliving it right now) I realized that she also did it while sitting at my table and there were particles ALL OVER IT! I'm talking on the table, the papers, everything!!!  WHO DOES THAT!! I was so grossed out yall.  Disgusting!  

Hopefully you weren't eating while reading that...  Now it's your turn to share!  Leave a comment to share your funny/cute/gross stories about the little ones we work with! (or the big ones in this case)  Can't wait to hear!

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