Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Peek at my Week- Back at it!

SO, we are one of those school districts who went back to school (with kids) for 2 days last week... Thursday brought me 13 of my 18 kids and they were delightfully quiet because they were all VERY tired (including me!!).  And then we had a snow day on Friday... What a waste of time.  This will be a full and fun week for us though, so I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to bring you my plans!

 Our theme for the next 2 weeks is Winter.  We've had some snow and it has actually been cold so the kids will have some background knowledge!! A few of my students had never seen snow before because they are not from this area (or the US).  

This also seemed like the perfect time to talk about water and the states of matter! I LOVE teaching this! Lots of good experiments and the kids can connect to it easily.  I created a Prezi all about water and states of matter that you can check out HERE.  The solid/liquid/gas sort that I made to go with this Prezi is HERE- very simple, 6 pictures to sort.

We are starting to work on writing facts for Writer's Workshop, so I created a little fact book about water for the students to fill out.  Such an easy way to combine Science and Writing!  You can grab it for free on TPT by clicking HERE!

We are also officially jumping into Guided Reading with all students!!  We don't start this until January, and I don't know the actual reason BUT we have a lot of kids that come in without knowing any letters, having no concept of word, and speaking no English- so this is probably the reason.  Some of us work off the books with the readers we already have, but now we start the push with everyone.  So now, instead of doing Reader's Workshop on Thursday and Friday I will continue literacy centers and guided reading to maximize my time with groups.  My ELL co-teacher will work with the lowest kids during this time (we normally do a 3 group rotation during reader's workshop). 

Here are my plans (don't mind the lack of a letter of the week- my list is sitting on my desk at school and I have no idea what letter is next!):

If you are interested you can download them by clicking HERE, but I am having trouble with my hyperlinks after converting my PowerPoint to a PDF so unfortunately they will not work...  SO, I made a word document with everything hyperlinked that you can download HERE if you want to know where to get anything from my plans!

Good luck getting back into the swing of things! Make sure you head back to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to peek at more weeks!

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  1. I've never read the Mystery Mitten by Steven Kellog, I think I need to check that one out! Sorry you had to go back Thursday just to miss school on Friday. We did that split vaca last year and I did not like it one bit and we didn't have a snow day thrown in. Love your visual plans, have fun next week!