Sunday, November 16, 2014

Peek at my Week- Pilgrims and Play Practice

Happy Sunday friends!  Just a quick post so I can link up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten so you can Peek at my Week!

 This week is a busy one!  We will talk and learn all about Pilgrims and Indians.  We will also start practicing for our little play about The First Thanksgiving the day of our Thanksgiving luncheon.  It's also conference week! YAY!! (read that as UGH!!!).  So we have 1/2 days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to provide time for it.  Nothing like staying at school until 7pm on a Thursday night! Woot!  

And now for the plans (because I have to get to planning for our play... !!!)

Hope you have a wonderful week everyone.  Happy teaching!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Peek at my Week- More Turkeys!

This shortened week is bringing more turkeys my way.  AND I had a crazy idea to have some fun in my room.  So, I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share during a Peek at me Week!
Turkeys turkeys everywhere and not a one to eat!  We will be reading fiction about turkeys and some nonfiction to learn some facts as well.  Maybe I can find time to throw in some sort of craftivity, BUT that might have to wait.  No school today- teacher work day, which turned into the biggest disaster of a day I've had in a while, all ending with a rental car that smells like pee- no joke.  Straight up pee...  EEEEWWWW!!!!  Ugh.  And Wednesday I will be out for an all day planning day with my team, which is very much needed and I look forward to FINALLY getting ahead.

And tonight while looking at this lovely book:

I got a CRAZY idea. :-)   So the book is all about Pete being in his class play about the first Thanksgiving and it's a really good way to introduce students to the story of the first Thanksgiving, which my class is in need of this year (SIMPLE!).  AND every year we have a Thanksgiving luncheon in which the parents come and everyone eats delicious turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings and we celebrate.  SO now I'm thinking maybe we could put together a super simple play all about the First Thanksgiving, similar to what Pete the Cat did!!!  It would be LOTS of fun, but also alot of work... HMMMM...  Anyone ever do this before???  Tips??  I just have to figure out when the luncheon is to make sure I have enough time! YIKES!

Here are the plans:

Hope it's a smooth week for all of you.  Happy Teaching!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Peek at my Week- Yay it's November!

Happy November everyone!  I LOVE November because it's the start of the holidays and it means Xmas is still coming and there's just so much fun stuff to look forward to!  So I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week.

 We are starting our turkey theme this week and I am super excited for it!  

Today was a field trip (WHICH WAS AMAZING!!! more on that during my five for friday) so I wasn't worried about plans being ready... ;-)  We are going to start pushing beginning sounds for the lower friends and sounding out CVC words for the higher friends.  I still feel behind this year because of the crazy start to the year, but things are coming along.

Here are the plans:

 Hope your week is off to a great start!  Happy teaching!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Five for Friday- Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween friends!  I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!

 This week we started talking about addition and used dominoes in our exploration.  We are teaching addition in a totally new way through our new math curriculum- we will see the results as time goes on.

 We also learned all about bats this week, which they LOVED!  And I did too.  Then we did the Going Batty craftivity by A Cupcake for Teacher and I hung them around the room for this morning.
 We had our first Top Table Points winner this week!!  The blue table was the first to 10 points and got to use the special bin with the markers, pens, colored pencils, and stickers.  It was very exciting!

 On Wednesday I came home to this:

I walked in and was like "Huh, I wonder why husband put all the shoes away" only to find out that he had not!!  2 pairs of my shoes and 1 pair of his flip flops destroyed!  So sad...

 We finally cut open our pumpkins to explore the insides!  We did it at the very end of the day and had a blast!!

Hope you all made it through the craziness of Halloween!  Jump back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun.  Happy Weekend!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Five for Friday FINALLY!

I am FINALLY doing a Five for Friday post for the first time this school year!!!  I never have time to take pictures because of the special friend in my room  (who is not yet classified as special at this point), but I made sure to do it this week!  I also am usually so tired and sick of it by Friday that I don't care- BUT I have the strength and the will this week.  So, I am very happy to say that I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!!
 I got pied in the face this week for our PBIS program!  It was awesome!  There were 10 of us total.  Only problem was that I think the first grader who pied me was VERY NERVOUS so she didn't smash it much, just a light touch to the face.

 We have been working on retelling stories with a beginning, middle, and end.  These ladies were discussing a book in order to Give me 5 about it.

 We were working on more, fewer, and the same this week in math and our new math curriculum (Math Expressions) begins teaching it through graphing, which we have never done before.  It was great though!  We made a huge floor graph about their favorite toy to play with and then discussed it.

 We also played a tower game to compare numbers.  They did such a great job using their math vocabulary!

Friday we investigated pumpkins using our 5 Senses and used words to describe each, except taste...  The kids loved it.

Happy weekend everyone!  Make sure you head back to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday fun!