Monday, November 10, 2014

Peek at my Week- More Turkeys!

This shortened week is bringing more turkeys my way.  AND I had a crazy idea to have some fun in my room.  So, I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share during a Peek at me Week!
Turkeys turkeys everywhere and not a one to eat!  We will be reading fiction about turkeys and some nonfiction to learn some facts as well.  Maybe I can find time to throw in some sort of craftivity, BUT that might have to wait.  No school today- teacher work day, which turned into the biggest disaster of a day I've had in a while, all ending with a rental car that smells like pee- no joke.  Straight up pee...  EEEEWWWW!!!!  Ugh.  And Wednesday I will be out for an all day planning day with my team, which is very much needed and I look forward to FINALLY getting ahead.

And tonight while looking at this lovely book:

I got a CRAZY idea. :-)   So the book is all about Pete being in his class play about the first Thanksgiving and it's a really good way to introduce students to the story of the first Thanksgiving, which my class is in need of this year (SIMPLE!).  AND every year we have a Thanksgiving luncheon in which the parents come and everyone eats delicious turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings and we celebrate.  SO now I'm thinking maybe we could put together a super simple play all about the First Thanksgiving, similar to what Pete the Cat did!!!  It would be LOTS of fun, but also alot of work... HMMMM...  Anyone ever do this before???  Tips??  I just have to figure out when the luncheon is to make sure I have enough time! YIKES!

Here are the plans:

Hope it's a smooth week for all of you.  Happy Teaching!

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