Friday, January 10, 2014

Five for Friday- very random

HAPPY FRIDAY!  I am sooooo excited to sleep in this weekend!!!  Getting back on my sleep schedule after break (or at least my wake up schedule) has been very difficult... We did have a good week though and did lots of learning so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share!

We are talking about winter so I wanted our schema chart to reflect the fun of the season! I think my middle circle might be larger than my bottom circle though...

 How cute is this?? One of my kiddos bit her pretzels to make my name! (how dirty is that table though!! I hope she didn't eat them afterwards...)

 Have you ever played the attribute train game?! I think it's so fun, but also very difficult for students at the same time. We started with the large red circle and then changed one attribute at a time (size, color, or shape) and we built our train going across the table.  LOTS of kids change 2 attributes- see the last change into the large yellow square?  2 attributes changed... So if they don't get it the first time I ask "What attribute do you want to change: size, color, or shape?" and guide them from there.

 Um- best meeting ever! or at least pretty close.  Picked up 2 papers and 2 pieces of pizza and left :-)

We've had a lot of time for winter art with a lack of kids and delayed days messing up the schedule.  Here's my bulletin board:

 Happy Friday everyone!  Jump back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching!


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