Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What?! Wednesday Comment Party!

So last month I thought it would be fun to start a monthly linky party called What?! Wednesday (you can see it here), but then realized that I didn't have many followers and so who was going to link up??  Silly girl...  
WELL, I am going to continue What?! Wednesday but make it a comment party because I really want to hear your funny, ridiculous, gross stories!!  Here is the idea:

Alright friends- you know we all LOVE those funny or ridiculous stories about our wonderful students that make you and your partners in crime coworkers say "What?!"  (or "EWWW" or "You gotta be kidding me!" You get the idea...) Well, I think it's time to start sharing with each other so we can all have a good laugh!

 Here is my 2nd installment:

 1. One of my little friends has been having an attitude problem the last couple of weeks- You should all know that Mrs. V does NOT do attitude.  I hate it.  Don't be a punk, alright??  WELL, my friend had to get out of line after recess to get his lunchbox and when he got back he started pushing to get back in his spot.  I very nicely and calmly told him not to worry about it and just go to the end of the line because there was more space.  This is what I got- "UUUUGGGGHHHH!!" STOMP STOMP STOMP... grumble grumble "UUGGHH!"  
In my head: What the?!?!  
I'm not going to lie- I was pissed...  But I remained calmed and had a chat with him that ended with the moving of my friend's clip because I had had enough attitude from him that day.  
Mom had a chat with him and hopefully he is done being so whiny!

2. So, this one does not have to do with students, but I was thinking about the other day and chuckled to myself.  
I was working as a long term sub 5 years ago (already??) at a wonderful school in Michigan.  The kindergarten class was putting on a huge show for the parents so the school was packed with them.  I really needed the bathroom so I walked across the hall and knocked on the door- no answer, so I walked in only to find a mom on the toilet just as startled as me!  I felt awful!  But thought- Who doesn't lock the bathroom door??
So I went back to class and waited a few minutes and then, just to be safe, went around the corner to the other bathroom, knocked on the door- no answer, so I walked in to find ANOTHER mom on the toilet startled just like me! WHAT?!?!? WHO DOESN'T LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR!!!!  I could not believe it. 
I was so scared to try the other one again that I went back to my room until I knew the program had started so the parents would be out of the hallway... :-(

YOUR TURN!  Please leave a comment with your funny story so we can all laugh together!  

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  1. ARGHHH!! I had a What?! Wednesday moment today. Annoyed the heck out of me!! Except it's Thursday...

    Me - Hey kid here's your hat, you left it next door (smile, hand hat to kid)
    Kid - WHAT THE HELL!! someone has been in my desk!?!
    Me - No they haven't. YOU left your hat next door. And I brought it back for you.
    Kid - NO! I left it in my desk! argh everyone at this school is so racist!! (he's the only white kid in the school, but how is this a racism thing?!)
    Me - (getting cross by this point at his rediculousness) NO, you left it next door. Two kids were throwing it around, so I brought it back for you. Now sit down and eat your lunch.
    Kid - ARgh people are always going through my desk! I KNOW I put it in here, you didn't bring it back! I KNOW I put it in my desk!!!
    Me - You left it next door. You are arguing with me, change your card and go to the time out room now.
    Kid - argh , (stomp stomp push chairs over)
    Me - I'm still in the class so therefore I win.

    Kids - 0
    Me - A million!

    The E-Z Class

  2. I love it Erin! Kids- 0, Me- A million!! LOL