Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Skirt?!

Something you should know about me- I am EXTREMELY low maintenance.  Like, extremely!!!  No makeup, I dry my hair when it's cold out and that's the extent of that, I wear a lot of jeans (outside of work) and pants/capris at work.  I know how to look cute, and can put together a great outfit super quick, which I do outside of work, but usually I just throw on some dress pants and a shirt and off I go to work.  WELL, this was my outfit today:
 I have been looking for a maxi skirt for months now and finally found one at the Gap! LOVE!!  

When my students walked in for breakfast the first thing I heard was "What are you wearing?"  Then a minute later 3 of my boys walk up, point at my skirt, and actually SCREAMED!! No joke!  It was like I dressed up in my costume a day early!  So Hilarious!!!  Finally at lunch one of my boys said I should dress like this every day! (actually he said for 100 days, but whatever).  They are so funny!  

I will be in costume tomorrow, but then back to the pants- hopefully they won't be dissapointed... 

Happy Halloween!!!  I will post our decorations and costume fun tomorrow :-)

Oh! It's my 3 month blogoversary!  YAY!!  Maybe I'll do something big for the 4 month...


  1. You should have my clown costume, then they would really scream!

  2. Oh I love that skirt!!! I wish I could find one like that here in New Zealand - I've been looking and looking, maybe this weekend I'll be lucky?!

    You look great!!

    The E-Z Class