Friday, October 25, 2013

5 for Friday- The weeks are flying by!

It's Friday already?!  The weeks are flying by!  We started doing theme teaching this year and I think that is helping time pass, but man- I need it to slow down just a little...  BUT Friday does mean Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

 We played Pattern Cover Up (everyday math...) this week and I had an epiphany all of a sudden- instead of covering up part of the pattern with piece of paper (which really doesn't work that great) use a cup!  I have 100 cups in the back of my room (from the 100th day last year) and it worked out perfectly!

 On Thursday we brought out the computers during math and the kids paired up to complete some SmartNotebook pattern activities.  They did really well and enjoyed using the computers during!

 Each time they were done with a page they had to make a "Partner Pyramid"! That way the teacher could come around and check.  So cute!
 I started PALS testing today...  It is our major state required phonological awareness and literacy test.  It's SOOOOOO boring to administer.  When the kids don't pass a section while testing with a group you have to do another version 1 on 1...  I hate repeating: "Circle the picture that rhymes with cat, that sounds like cat.  Cat-fire, cat-bat, cat-spoon."  UGH!  Hoping to be totally done after Monday!
 We de-gooped pumpkins this week!! Through a turn of events, each table got to have their own!!! So Many Pumpkins!  I made them use their hands at first, then they could switch to the world's most giant spoon!

 Just scored these little gems at the Target $1 spot!!  They are little plastic pumpkins and leaves.  They also had acorns, but I didn't really like them... Maybe you will.  We are going to use them for patterns and simple addition and subtraction!

Hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more random Fridayness and have a great weekend!!

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