Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Winner Winner and Curiosity Bag

Congrats to Christine who won my Spooky Math Games!! I sent you an email this morning with the file- check it out :-)

Thanks to everyone who entered and who started following my blog and/or TPT store!  

Curiosity Bag!
So we started talking about pumpkins this week- it will be a 2 week theme for us.  I was at my grad class on Monday night and we were talking about interesting ways to get adolescents involved in reading (that's right- I teach K but have to learn about adolescents because the ELL certification will be K-12... BOOOO!).  One of the other teachers started talking about an Inquiry Box because it went along with a strategy we were discussing.  I thought this would be perfect for Tuesday morning! 
I borrowed a smallish pumpkin from a coworker and put it in my computer bag.  That's right, nothing fancy, just a computer bag.  BUT I called it a curiosity bag and really played it up and got the kids excited.  They had to reach in without looking, feel the pumpkin, and then go back and draw a picture of what they thought was inside.
They absolutely loved it! (as my husband says- simple minds!).  I had all sorts of answers- ball, pumpkin, teddy bear (?), rock.  They were so excited to find out it was a pumpkin.  Sorry no pictures... Can't the school just hire someone to take pictures all day so we can document these good ideas????

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