Friday, December 13, 2013

Five for Friday- A short, snowy week

Happy Friday! Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share my Five for Friday!

 This week was all about the Gingerbread Man!  We even had some craft time! (mostly because my bulletin board still had apples on it!!!)

 I'm hosting a giveaway!!  You can read about it HERE!  You have to enter by tonight- Friday!
 Thanks to my 2 snow days I've had some time to create!!  New items will be up in the TPT store very soon and they will be great for winter!  Here are some pics:

Check back soon for details!

 We were finally able to make it outside for recess today!! The kids were super happy, especially because there was some snow left on the ground!

Hmmm... Nothing for #5 SO- I'm off to our staff Holiday Party!

Have a great weekend!  And jump back to Doodle Bugs for more random fives!


  1. Over in Springfield and I loved our two days off! It was nice that today was warm enough to have recess, but I love how the snow looks with all the Christmas decorations. I hope you had fun at your Christmas party. Our school doesn't do anything for us anymore which is so lady hosts a party after school at her house but since I have kids I can't go. Very sad how some of us go unappreciated this time of year! Happy Weekend!

    1. I am also loving the snow with the decorations! It makes it a real Christmas!
      And our school didn't do anything either... I arranged a happy hour to celebrate :-) Thanks for stopping by!!


  2. Ahh...snow days! :/ There are times that I miss them now that I live in Fl. We of course have 'hurricane days' which are much less chilly...and a wee bit more scary! :( Your kinders gingerbread men came out ADORABLY! :) Can't wait to read more about your new winter set! :) Hopefully you'll finish out this week without anymore snow days! :) Don't ya'll have to make them up at the end of the year if you have too many? Eek! :( No bueno! :(
    Thanks for sharing your week with us! :)
    I enjoyed getting to know a bit about you! :)

    1. Hurricane days?! NO WAY! I would be scared! And yes, we went through both our allotted snow days, so any more and we have to make up at the end of the year!!! :-(

      Thanks for stopping by Tamara!