Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Peek at my Super Fun Week!

I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for a peek at my super fun week!

We have 8 kindergartens at my school! 8! So many little ones running around :-)  Last year I thought it would be fun to rotate to each classroom for Earth day, doing a different activity in each room.  I remember doing that when I was in elementary school and always loved it.  Well, it was a HUGE success!! So we did it again at the end of the year, and now we are doing it again to celebrate the holiday season!! (besides, who wants to do actual teaching this week???) 

So, Monday and Tuesday will be normal days, plus a gingerbread man hunt on Tuesday afternoon!  The nice part is that last week we had 2 snow days, so all I did was move my plans over and I don't have to do more planning for this week.  You can check out those plans HERE.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday, the students will visit 6 classrooms, finishing up the last 2 on Friday morning.  We are super duper excited for this! The wonderful Kristin Orwig of Primary Ruled (check out her blog, she is doing a very cool blogging project with her kinders!) made passports for all 161 kiddos to use as they travel around the school to each room!  Each room has a stamp that they will put on their page to show they visited and learned about the holiday or tradition. Here is the breakdown for each room:

Me- Christmas trees around the world
Mrs. Carter- Sinterklass
Ms. Insani- Germany
Ms. Faulkner- Las Posadas- The Poinsettia
Ms. Stewart- American Quilts
Mrs. Wilson- Christmas Stockings
Ms. Orwig- Chinese New Year
Mrs. Krasley- Kwanzaa

I will be taking lots of pictures of their activities- or having my para take them since I will be in my room... BUT I look forward to sharing them with you!  Have a wonderful last week!!! Some people are already on break- can you believe it!!

Now jump back over to Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to see more fun weeks!


  1. Hi Heather. I love how you'll be rotating to do different activities - great idea! Here's my email:
    I am going to have to give the snow blower another whirl -- I just wish it wasn't so BIG.

  2. Love this! I am so excited for rotations!! Thanks for the shout out:) blog's URL is now ...if you use the other one it says I deleted it but no worries it just has a new address!