Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What Worked Last Year Part 1

Last year was a rough year for me so I decided that I should take a look back at all the good things that happened so I can have a positive end to it, especially since I am so excited for this coming year!  So it's time for a little:
 Voice Level Chart
This bad boy worked all year long!  Now, they weren't the best at maintaining this level for a long period of time, but with a reminder they could readjust and knew how loud each level was.  This is actually a combination of 2 different charts, neither of which I can find a link to... Sorry!!  

Fast Fact Friday
This fun didn't start until sometime in March but it was great! Every Friday ALL the kids in school took a quick 3 minute math test based on what was being taught.  Our kinders started with adding pictures, then moved on to adding numbers, and then went to subtraction.  While research doesn't really support a weekly quick test, I did notice that their basic math fact skills did improve! I was very impressed! Kids would work on a level until they passed.  They also took in home every week to practice their mistakes. I loved it and hope it continues next year.

Words of the Week
This is where I keep my words of the week.  We spell them each day with a different cheer and do a new sentence every day.  I do 2 words every week starting at the beginning of the year.  My kids did AWESOME this year with sight word knowledge- more on that to come in Part 2.

A year long science project
Our year long science project was this rotting piece of pumpkin.  YUM!! ;-)  We studied pumpkins and then put a chunk in this little container and watched it get disgusting all year long.  We would look at it occassionally and talk about the states of matter and what is happening inside and how pumpkins do this is nature too.  Very interesting.
Ok, that's it for Part 1, but stay tuned for Part 2!  I would love to hear what worked for you this year.  Feel free to link up below :-)  Happy Summer!


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