Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell Us About You Tuesday

Hey friends!  I'm linking up with the Freebielicious girls for Tell Us About You Tuesday!

 My name is Heather and I am a kindergarten teacher in northern Virginia.  I've been teaching kindergarten for four years now and LOVE it!  It's such a wonderful life in kindergarten, even on the tough days (or the tough years... ahem, this past year, ahem).  

I have been married to my wonderful and talented husband Matt for almost 6 years now.  Here's some pics of us in Italy last year for our 5 year anniversary!  What an amazing trip!

We have a very spoiled and overly loved dog Allie.  My husband swears he loves me more... But he's a bad liar...  We adopted her in April 2014 and were SOOOOO excited to finally have a dog.  She's now on a diet for being a little overweight and turns out this girls loves zucchini, which is great because she can eat a ton and barely get any calories.

I used to play tennis and volleyball (way back in high school- does that even still count!?!?) but now I am totally into golf!!  The hubs got me into it and we now love going out together on the weekends. I finally broke 100 this year, twice now in fact. And it feels GOOD!

Lastly, I am a lover of FOOD.  I have been branching out so much in the last couple years and have found so much more that I love.  Tacos, spagetti, seafood, meat, any meat, meat on a bone (I AM A CARNIVORE FOLKS!), enter other foods here.  But my all time favorite food is ice cream!!!!  I don't even need all the toppings and mix ins and fanciness.  Just a nice bowl of really good vanilla is enough to make me happy.  I'm smiling just writing about it.  It makes me so happy :-)

Well, that's a little about me!  Head back to Freebielicious to meet some more new friends!  Happy Summer!

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  1. Love your Italy pictures! Thanks for sharing! I went there three years ago and your pictures make me want to hop on a flight and head right back! Looks like you went to Venice. I actually didn't make it to that city on my trip, but it looks amazing. I would definitely go there if I got to go back to Italy. :)

    Teaching in the Tropics