Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday- The BEST DAY EVER

Hi friends!  Today the Freebielicious girls are doing Throwback Thursday!
I'm throwing back to November 2013 when the most amazing day ever happened!  Debbie Clement visited all 8 kindergarten and 2 preK classes at my school AND our principal bought EVERY CHILD her book Tall Giraffe!  You can read about it below.  Enjoy:

TUESDAY WAS AMAZING!  Tuesday was the day friends! THE Oprah, I mean Debbie Clement visited our school and did 4 programs throughout the day so that all 8 of our kindergarten classes and our preK class could enjoy the fun!  She is so fantastic and truly loves interacting with children.  You can check out her blog post about the day by clicking HERE!  

I was the photographer for the day- I took 550 pictures!!! YIKES! Totally worth it though.  Here are some of my favorites!

Isn't this picture amazing!!! Luckily all 3 are allowed to have their picture put online!!! Love those boys!

Debbie celebrated her very first "Oprah" moment when she got to hand out a book to every child, to keep, at home, FOR.EV.ER!!  So awesome!!
Don't you just love their little outstretched hands!!

Before the program, each class completed some sort of giraffe artwork.  Enjoy!

This one is from my class!

 If you don't know Debbie you can check out her blog HERE and her website HERE.  Give her a shout out and let her know I sent you :-)

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