Thursday, July 9, 2015

Let's Gamble and Have Some Fun! Thursday

Happy Thursday!  I'm linking up with Brigid from Bits of First Grade for some non-Vegas fun!
 Thursday is all about Technology:

We are very lucky to have a lot of technology available in the classroom to use on a regular basis.  Here's how I use a few:

Computers/iPads:  We use computers and iPads every day at one of our literacy centers.  Our school invested in Lexia Core 5 which is a great literacy program that tailors work to students' individual levels.  As students progress they also progress to harder levels.  It alerts teachers to all sorts of things and even provides teachers with intervention lessons.

Smartboard:  We are lucky that most of the classrooms in our school have smartboards- yay!!  We use our smartboard for Go Noodling, watching Planet Earth, and random math lesson throughout the year.  In fact, I got into make math lesson on SmartNotebook a couple years ago so maybe next year I'll do that again to add in more interactiveness. (i don't think that's a word...)

Class Dojo: I never thought I would use class dojo.  It sounded cool, but I never really took an interest.  But my class this past year REALLY needed some extrinsic motiviation and Class Dojo saved me!!  It was harder to use after one of my students dropped my iPad and it broke (sadenss.  It's OK though- the school owned it, not me. ha!) but it still worked out great.

Blogging:  One of my coworkers had her students blogging for a technology project 2 years ago.  It was pretty cool.  I'm thinking of doing that this year, which my high students at least.  I'll update yall if I ever get to it.

Prezi: I created a Prezi about the 3 states of water for grad school and I have used it every year since.  The kids love how it bounces from screen to screen and I love how I can put in pictures and videos.  You can check it out here if you're interested.

UMMMM, that's all I can think about right now.  Now head over to Bits of First Grade- Brigid's got some technology I've never heard of but want to look into.  Happy Summer!

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  1. Great Prezi! My goal is to make something on SmartNotebook! It's on the to do list. I will have to check out Lexia Core 5. Sounds like a good program! THANK YOU again for linking up! Can't wait to see your post tomorrow!

    Bits of First Grade