Thursday, June 5, 2014

Top Ten Things I Plan to do This SUMMER

Summer is 12 school days away my friends and I am desperate to get out!!! Last year I didn't want my kiddos to go, but this year (despite being a great class!) I am feeling DONE!  So, in anticipation, I am linking up with Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump's Class (as if you don't know her...) to share: 

1. FINISH GRAD SCHOOL!!  I am so excited to be done with grad school at 3:30 on July 25! I'm sick of reading and doing homework along with a full time job ;-)
2. Create for TPT.  I haven't created anything in months!  I've been so busy with other stuff.  But I will start again (maybe after July 25???)

3. Read!  I am in a book club with some friends and we have been enjoying reading all sorts of books!  Can't wait to see what summer reading has in store for me.  I think I will turn to my favorite college professor, Dr. Baer, for a good list! She is the best!
4. Teach this girl to sit.  She is great at walking together, but now it's on to the big time stuff, HA!

5. Golf with the hubs!! And whoever else wants to join of course.

6. RELAX at home

7. RELAX on Lake Michigan (a very short visit)

8. Did I mention RELAX???

9. Hang out with some VERY good friends while I am back in Michigan for the few days I'm there.

10. This is the big one!!!!!  Celebrate our 5 year anniversary (and me graduating grad school) by going to Positano, Italy:

and Venice:

Only 11 more days of school and I am free!!!  I would love to hear your summer plans!  Head back over to Mrs. Jump's Class to link up :-)

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