Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Made It- Digraph Posters

Hello friends!! It is officially summer for me! YAY!! To celebrate I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for my first (and hopefully not only...) Monday Made It of the summer!
Ok, take a look!! How fantastic are these:

So, I have to be honest because I didn't actually make these... :-)  My good friend and team leader, Beth, made these for me for a birthday present.  They are fantastic!!  WH is coming in the future and I am very excited to see it! She handmade these out of paper and they turned out so well!!

Here are the individual pictures:
shoes, shark, shovel, shells, shirt, shapes

the, thumb, thermos, thorn, thimble, three

chocolate, cheese, cherries, chalk, chain, chick, chair
I am going to laminate these babies and use them next year when we introduce the 4 digraphs! 

Now I need your help/input/advice!!!
Beth is considering selling her digraph posters BUT we wanted to ask you all first what you think:  Would you be interested in buying something like this?  Would you want a hard (paper) copy or electronic copy to print and cut out yourself?  How much would you pay for a hard copy and/or electronic copy?

She is *hopefully* going to start making clipart because she is a very talented artist! (and I want to use it to create goodies!!)  Any good websites or blog posts out there that you know of to help her get started??

Thanks for your help friends!!  Hope your summer is off to a good start.  Happy creating!!


  1. I teach 4th, so I probably wouldn't need the digraphs... at least I hope my students would never need them. They are very cute though, and if it's in a digital format (base bubble letters and clip art pictures so students could glue on), I think that it would be a winner of a product.

    1. Thanks Emily! I think that will be the plan :-)

  2. I love Emily's idea! And your physical ones turned out so cute!

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