Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Up: Me!

Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their meet me linky party because I need a little fun in my life!!

 I'm not on summer break yet (9 more days....) but wanted to have fun with everyone who is!!

 I Teach: kindergarten!! I love kindergarten :-)

I Have: a wonderful dog named Allie.  We have had her for just over 5 weeks and we are absolutely in love!  We spoil her rotten, but that's ok because she is pretty awesome!  We adopted her and got REALLY lucky- already crate and house trained!  My husband did a great job of teaching her to walk together and now we just gotta break the squirrel trance when walking- which I am getting pretty good at.

I Watch:  way too much tv... But all on DVR to make it go a little faster!  Why watch commercials if you don't need to?

I Listen:  to construction... We moved to a new awesome apartment in January but now they are TEARING UP THE ENTIRE ROAD IN FRONT OF US TO REDO ALL THE PIPES, THEN BUILD A TUNNEL, THEN BUILD OVER THE TUNNEL HIGHWAY THAT'S ALREADY THERE! So, needless to say, we will be moving at the end of our lease (hopefully buying a place!!)

I Read: young adult fiction!  So good!  The stories just pull you in :-)

I do:  way to much...  Right now I am in grade school (collecting data for my last major project), finishing up the school year, and working on the ELL Math summer school curriculum.  UGH!

Can't wait to meet you all! Have fun linking up over at The Teaching Tribune!

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