Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peek at My Week (for the very first time!)

I'm linking up with THE Deedee Wills (gasp!! I LOVE her!) from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for my very first Peek at my Week!

Now, I haven't had time to figure out this visual lesson plan thing, but I promise by Christmas (ha! yeah I said Christmas. Girl needs some time!) I will have it up and running and under control.  

Here is what we are doing this week:

5 Senses

We are starting the 5 Senses this week! I LOVE covering the 5 senses.  We will use a 5 senses poem, read about a new sense each day in Reader's Workshop, and do a taste test on Friday.  The best part about the taste test is the Baker's Chocolate- the kids are so excited to have chocolate and then they all spit it out after tasting it!

Literacy Centers

We are using some of Marsha McGuire's Back to School Word Work Centers.   
 Back To School Work Work Galore-Differentiated and Aligned This week will include uppercase/lowercase memory and write the room for uppercase letters.
We are also doing some rainbow writing with our names, matching letter clips onto names cards, and an uppercase/lowercase letter puzzle match.

This week we will continue to learn number names and start learning how to count items in an organized way to make sure they don't count anything twice- a lot of my kiddos were not able to do this on their Math assessment.  
For centers we are using some of Marsha McGuire's Back to School Math Centers.
Back To School Math Stations Galore-12 Activities To Get T This week we will use write the room for school supplies, Lost my Lunch (for number recognition), linking up number order, and I Spy.
We are also making our own pictures with pattern blocks and we will be going on a number walk around the school!

I'll be more prepared for this next time with pics of my own activities and eventually I'll get to those visual lesson plans! ;-)

Join up with Deedee's Peek at my Week linky and give us a peek at your week!!

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