Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peek at My Week- Fall Leaves!

Hi everyone! I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten to share what we are doing this week!
This will be short and sweet because I've been working on a paper for my grad class and I want to get off my computer...  And, as said before- I'll get the visual thing down by Xmas :-) And don't miss my giveaway!!! (see the bottom of the post)

We are talking about Fall and leaves this week!!! I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! Both in the classroom and out of it!

Reader's Workshop-
Still working on text to self connections.  Here are the books we are reading this week:
 And these will be just for fun:

Literacy Centers:

We are still working with letters, naming them, and will start adding in sounds for those who are ready this week.  Just bought, printed, laminated, and cut some wonderful activities from Marsha McQuire's Autumn Harvest Word Work Stations Galore!  

Autumn Harvest Word Work Galore-12 Differentiated and Alig

 That takes care of a lot of my centers but we will also be using starfall and lacing letters to spell color words.  I will be using a color easy reader that I made that you get pick up for free here!  And my para will be teaching I Have Who Has with letters.

 We are still working on counting and counting and counting and identifying numbers...  There's only so many weeks you can do this though.... SO if the plans for next week aren't different I will be changing them!!!   We will be finishing up with some Back to School Math Stations and incorporate some Falling Leaves Galore mid week:
Falling Leaves Galore-6 Activities in 1-Differentiated and

Lastly- I'm hosting my first giveaway!!!  You can enter to win these 4 brand new books:
All you have to do is follow me through Google or Bloglovin and enter on the rafflecopter!  Click here for the rafflecopter!

 Don't forget to visit Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for more great plans!  Enjoy the week!

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