Thursday, September 26, 2013

Color Experimentation and a Book Giveaway!

We did our first "real" science experiment this week!  I got the idea from my fabulous coworker and team leader Beth.  She is so creative!  
Before starting with the experiment I used Deanna Jump's What Do Scientists Do? freebie on TPT.  You can grab it here!
What Do Scientists Do?
It's a great way to introduce the steps of the scientific method and get that academic language working in a very easy peasy way!  My kids already know what a hypothesis is and that after making one we test it!

This week has been all about colors, so we experimented with a little color mixing.  On Tuesday we filled up 3 water bottles with water and hypothesized about what would happen if we put in drops of food coloring.  Then we did the test and watched the drops mix in with the water.  The kids loved the colors!  On Wednesday I asked a new question- What will happen if we put 2 colors into the water?  So we filled up 3 more water bottles and had students give a hypothesis and did our test.  They LOVED watching the colors mix!! We did orange first and I actually got a "Bravo for orange!" out of one of my kids (one of my ELLs!!!)!  They went crazy and clapped and cheered for orange, green, and purple.  Very exciting!  And here is the finished product:
Don't they look beautiful in the window!

Book Giveaway!!
I am VERY excited about this!  I got 10 free books from Scholastic with my September order and when they came I realized I already had some, so I figured I would share the wealth with my very first giveaway!!!  All you have to do it become a follower either through Google OR Bloglovin!  Here are the book you can win:
 Use the rafflecopter below to enter!  The winner will be announced on Thursday, October 3.  Good luck!!
  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. How exciting - your first giveaway! I love the books you're offering, too.