Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crayon Box Easy Reader Freebie!

We are focusing on colors this week and of course reading the fabulous Brown Bear Brown Bear!
 I LOVE this book!  So simple and easy for the kids to learn the words.  It covers colors AND connects to the 5 senses, which we are still talking about.  

I made a wonderful EASY reader to adapt Brown Bear and read about just colors.  I capitalized easy because we have ALOT of English Language Learners at our school.  I now have two level 1's, which means they are just learning English- "fresh off the boat" as a coworker put it!  It's a great repetitive book and the kids are able to color in it (yay! you can use it to informally test color knowledge too!!).  Take a look:

If you would like a copy you can pick it up here!!  Don't forget to leave a comment so I know if you like it :-)  Happy hump day!

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