Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Success and Table Label Freebie

Do you remember the catastrophe yesterday??  You can read about it here

Well, today was a total success!  Here is the final product:

 YES!  So happy with it.  No more crappy peeling paint, just wonderfulness!

And I created some new table labels today.  I use colors, shapes, and numbers to label my tables, so these will be perfect!  I included some that are numbered and some that aren't.  I also included 6 different colors (I only need 5).  Hope you find them useful!

Download the labels without table numbers here!

Download the labels with table numbers here!

I NEED HELP- I have no idea how to show a preview of my creations like all the fancy bloggers do, so I had to take a picture of my computer and it looks awful :-(  Any chance anyone can help me out??  THANKS!!


  1. I think I can help you! Or at least, I can tell you what I do (and I think it looks nice). So I pull up does not matter if it is in Word, Powerpoint, whatever. Then, I take a screen shot of my creation (on my PC, I hold down "Ctrl," "Shift," and "PrintScr" all at the same time, then let go). Then, I open up the program called Paint and paste it into there (by holding down "Ctrl," then "V"). Next, you can crop, resize, or do whatever you want to the image of your creation. Finally, save the image as a JPEG or PNG or something like that. Save it to a place on your computer where you know you can pull up those images on your blog. Does that help?? Let me know if you need clearer directions. :)

    1. Thanks Amber!! I will give that a try on the project! :-)