Thursday, August 8, 2013

Oh Target!

Ran into Target to grab something for the hubby- that was STUPID! (I knew going in I wasn't coming out with just 1 thing!)

Oh how I love the dollar spot!  Picked up some great things:

 I love these little Bingo games!  I picked up Alphabet Bingo and Spanish Bingo (because I usually have so many spanish speakers).  I was going to give them away either at Meet the Teacher day or Back to School Night, but now I'm thinking I will give the Spanish ones to my level 1 ELLs (those just beginning to learn English) because they have the word in spanish and english.  And giving the Alphabet ones to a couple of kids who did not go to preschool and need more exposure to letters. Here's to hoping the parents actually use them!

 Isn't this little bucket SUPER CUTE?! They had a bunch of different ones but I liked this one best!  I'm going to put in popsicle sticks with the different types of cheers for learning site words so that my "little teacher" (student who does my calendar time) can pull one out at random.

These pencils were 8 for $1 and I just couldn't walk away!  I'm going to give them to students when they come in before school to meet me.  Hopefully I can get all their addresses early so I can send something home saying that they get a prize if they come that day! (It never hurts to bribe parents into coming to school)

Lastly, these little gems were $2 each in the school section.  They are called Myndology and are multi-colored pieces of cardstock, about 2"x3.5" and come on a ring.  They recommend using it for vocabulary, note taking, etc...  I have a GRAND plan for them- but you will have to check out my Monday Made It next week to see what it is for sure!

Hope you are enjoying back to school shopping but are not spending too much!


  1. Myndology in the Dollar Spot!!! I am so jealous!! It's kind of annoying ... our Springfield Target doesn't have a good teacher selection in the Dollar Spot this year :(
    New follower!
    ~ Kristin

    1. Oh No! I go to the one at Potomac yards- just up the highway from you! I think it's usually pretty good. And I'm a new follower of yours! :-)

    2. My husband shops that one at least twice a week for us b/c it's right next to his office!! I wonder if they are still there???!!! {I can't believe I didn't read this 4 days ago LOL!}

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