Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Holy Cannoli everybody!! Today was a day!!  We are back in our rooms at least 2 days this week, so I decided to go today.  I got the OK to paint a small portion of my room where the paint has been peeling:

Awful, right?!?!  I scraped off as much of the white paint that I could...

So a friend of mine gave me some small cans on blue and green paint, and I picked up some yellow that I used 9 years ago while home in Michigan.  And I decided to do stripes! CUTE!  This morning I went in and starting taping right away:

Perfect! Well, actually, I did find out I messed up the measurements on 2 of the sections :-( but that's OK- noone will notice (except for everyone I just told- gasp!).  Then I started painting yellow:

LOVE! I call this "Perfect Yellow" because it truly is the most perfect yellow in the world! And my fav of course!  So I give it time to dry, move some things around, almost get eaten by a MONSTER spider- no joke- this thing had it's own zip code! NASTY! Gotta give a big shout out to Mr. Krasley for taking care of it for me!!! :-)

So now it's time to take the tape off and so I start gently ripping it off AND:

Do you see the 2 stripes that are basically GONE?!
AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  You gotta be kidding me!!  I freaked out!  I spent all that time and it turned into THIS!  SO ANGRY!   I had to go back and redo most of the strips in some way.  NOT HAPPY.  The tape got stuck to that stupid white paint I tried scraping off and it began peeling off my hard work with it.

Hopefully the blue and green will go better tomorrow.  I'll share the finished product when it's ready...

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  1. OH no!!! I hope the next colours work out! It is so cool that you are allowed to paint your rooms! We aren't allowed to do anything like that in New Zealand. I wouldn't be able to anyway, I'm lucky enough to have my walls, floor to ceiling, covered in a fluffy hesian type material. Makes using velcro easy!
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