Sunday, March 16, 2014

Five for Sunday (?!?!) and a Peek at my Week!

Sooooo.... I'm finally getting around to posting my Five for Friday (Sunday...) and thought I would combine it with a Peek at my Week!  So I'm linking up with 2 people today!  

First, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Five for Frunday (yeah, that's right- Frunday).
 We had our banana party on Monday, but it was a big mushy disaster!  My chocolate covered bananas got all brown and mushy gross!  Not yummy... But then we made banana hats (probably the worst craft in the world) and the kids loved that at least...

 One of our Literacy centers was a rhyming center.  They did so well finding the rhyming words and then matching them and writing them in their journals!  They rocked out our post test for rhyming! YAY!

 On Thursday and Friday a leprechaun visited our room and made quite a mess!!  The kids tried to pin it on me but I tricked them! :-D  It worked out really well!

On Friday the Leprechaun left a note (about the hats in #4) and some new markers for us to use! YAY!!

 We decorated styrofoam cups that the leprechaun left for us and I shrunk them down today! So cute.  Some people did not understand the idea of making it look like a hat, but WHATEVER.  Still awesome!
These are the 3 I made- 1 for me, and 2 for absent friends.

These ones are all upside down...

And after shrinking:

 On Friday we learned How To make a cake!  It was great.  I TOTALLY redeemed myself from the banana disaster!  The cafeteria ladies accidently let it get a little burned but it still tasted amazing! (when the kids saw it they thought it was chocolate cake, so I didn't bother correcting them...) I was so busy eating it that I forgot to take a picture of it with frosting and sprinkles... but here is it right before that! ha

 AND NOW for a Peek at my Week!  Linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten!
So, I REALLY hate being out of my classroom.  Like, HATE IT!!  I'm calling a snow day tomorrow, which sucks.  We are all so OVER the snow and it's just another day we have to make up... School board is still deciding whether to tack them on to the end of the year or extend the school day...  

THEN on Tuesday I go in for jury duty (NOOOOOOOOOO).  The last time that happened I was chosen and was out of school for 5 days! UGH!! So prolly not working this week at all :-(  So the plans you are seeing are in case I am not there- if I am there will be much more content!

I actually ran into school today to make sure things were set up for the week.  Unfortunately my para's table is covered with stuff to prepare... SORRY Ms. Davis!  Luckily she is MORE than capable! 

Here are the plans:

You can get the pdf file HERE and the file with the links HERE.

Now jump back over to Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to Peek at more Weeks!  Happy Teaching!

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