Friday, January 22, 2016

Five for Friday- Short Week & Giveaway

Happy snow day #2, I mean Friday!  So, I had a 2 day week this week thanks to an inch of snow that shut my city down (see below) and #snowzilla which started about 4 hours ago.  But I do have things to share (and a Giveaway that ends tonight!) so I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday fun!!

 I'll start with this to just cut to the chase- I'm having a giveaway that ends tomorrow (Saturday night!)  You can win both of my reader packs:

Click HERE to go to my post about them and the rafflecopter.  You'll have great chances because so far no one has entered because no one sees my little old blog! LOL!
 On Tuesday we did our next Table Olympics event!  They had to write letters A-Z as a team:

Unfortunately that was the only event this week.  We had to skip Wednesday because of behavior... It was like the first week of school yall! I was ready to tear my hair out!
 We finished up our sink and float unit by making clay boats. This was the first year we used the right kind of clay.  That stuff is tough!!!

The day after smooshing them and making boats we tested to see if they floated and to see how many bears they would hold:

These ones sank... 

These ones were more successful:

Mine just happened to do the best and held 7 bears! LOL

 We were having a good week at centers.  I use colored folders to differentiate my math and lit centers.  These three friends are working on two different levels of the same activity. LOVE

We got .7 inches of snow on Wednesday evening... This is what it did to traffic:
 Took my husband an hour and 40 minutes to get home.  Usually he sails home in 20... Ridiculous!  So, needless to say NOONE is on the roads right now as we begin getting our blizzard.

Hope you have a great weekend everyone! I'll be playing in the snow with my dog!

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  1. I love the little STEM activity you did with your little ones! Fabulous!
    Teachers Are Terrific!