Sunday, September 13, 2015

Peek at my Week- All About Me

Here we go with week 2 friends!  Week 1 was a success except for the raging sinus pressure I now have from the new germs... So Stuffy...  But an all over good week.  19 friends showed and hopefully the last 3 will join us this week.  I like them sooner rather than later.  Anywho, on with the plans and a Peek at my Week with Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!

 Our theme this week is All About Me.  We will be reading some wonderful books and then I will be tracing every child onto butcher paper and cutting them out in order to decorate.  Why would you do such a time consuming and labor intensive thing Heather? Well, I found this Pin and thought the cutout was really cool.  

So we are going to do it this week.  They will color the face/hair to look like themselves and then the body will be decorated with things that they like or can do, and words they use to describe themselves.  They should turn out great!

This week also brings 2 of my new favorite books:
 The Numberlys is about a group of characters that live in a world that is all numbers and they end up building letters and it's beautiful.  I actually almost cried the first time I read it- ridiculous right?!?! But it happened in Barnes and Noble... 

 Al Pha's Bet (get it- alphabet!! HAHAH!) is about Al Pha coming up with alphabetical order.  He bets himself that he can do it and he does and the king loves it! YAY!  Super cute.

SOOOO  After reading these 2 amazing books it will lead into a letter raindrop project.  My hubs and I went to Italy last year for our 5 year anniversary (LOVE IT!!!).  While in Venice (don't want to go back...) we happened to peak into a courtyard and saw this:

How STUNNING!!!  I was mesmerized!  And I REALLY wanted to make them in class last year.  Lets just say we did not have the chance to do it.  So now I'm making it happen.  I'm going to show the pictures to the kids to get them inspired and then we will create!  I'll do a post just about these later on :-) 

Here are the plans:

 Now that I look back at it it looks like alot.  We will be busy!  Happy Teaching!

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