Friday, September 18, 2015

Five for Friday- first of the school year!

Happy Friday friends!  It was a great week in my classroom.  It was week 2 but they are already doing so great. (although they DID need a talking to about how to walk in the hallway today...)  I am really enjoying my new class!  Today I'm linking up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first FFF of the school year!
 I spent this week learning more about my kids.  Things they like to do, foods they like to eat, etc.  I traced each kid and then they had to draw their face and hair.  I printed a picture of something they like to do, wrote a word they used to describe themselves, and then they drew a picture of their favorite food.  It was really cute with them sprawled all across the floor working on these projects!  Now I just have to cut them all out and hang them on the wall before Monday evening and Back to School Night... Maybe I should have brought them home with me...

 We have been working on name recognition, naming letters in our names, and writing our names.  After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom we made Chicka Name Trees! I love this project!

 Our new school motto is "Running our road to success!"  I love it!  So I made a new themed behavior chart for us.  It's SOOOO cute!  The kids were getting used to it this week.  Next week we start coloring in daily behavior charts for the parents to see... then they will really get why yellow and red are so bad!
Oh, and it's not just blue- its Sapphire!! See the jewel on top and everything? fancy, huh? haha!
 Writer's Workshop is in full swing!  And while my students need another mini lesson (or 2 or 3) about what a teaching book is (not a narrative!), I was really proud of how they worked.  We came up with a name for our group of writer's- the Sonic Writers!  (I may have scewed the voting results because it was the best name they came up with...)

One of my boys was writing about race cars.  I helped him sound out Race Cars and he wrote what he heard.  We made a VERY big deal about today and all the Sonic Writers Whooped it up for him! It was so cool to see.

 I LOVE my school and I LOVE my staff.  We've had a few (5!) rough years.  But now we have a new principal who is amazing and are getting our groove!  Here's a picture of just a few of us (seriously, just a few.  We have 900 kids and sometimes it feels like 900 staff members too!) wearing our college and university shirts today.

Hope you have a chance to relax over the next couple days.  Happy Weekend!!

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  1. I'm so glad that you new principal has been a positive change. It's so wonderful to work with people you appreciate and respect. I love that your kids encourage each other! Have a great weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency