Friday, February 28, 2014

Five for Friday- Picture overload AND extended sale!

February is over already?!?! What?! Be forwarned- this post has LOTS of pictures :-) But if you make it to the end you will see I have extended my TPT sale through Sunday!! (did I just ruin the surprise??)  
Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the last Friday in February!

 We celebrated the 100th Day of Monday!! Had a blast!! Here are my kiddos- 100 days smarter!
 We made 100 cup structures as part of Table Olympics! Here they are:

We had 2 days of snow and were actually at school! AMAZING! I felt like I was back in Michigan, ha!
We started learning about coins this week.  The kids did coin rubbings for all 4 coins.  It was so funny watching them figure out how to get the picture to show up!

Science brought magnets around this week! I let the kids explore with them before starting to talk about them at all.  They LOVED it!  They even figured out how to move things around by putting the magnet under the table.

We (k teachers) decorated our hallway in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday!  Our theme this year is One Fish Two Fish.  It turned out amazing!!

 The opposites board is mine and a coworkers- isn't the yellow paper with the border SOOOOOOO cute!! I am obsessed with it!! LOVE!!

WHEW! Enough pictures for you friends? :-)

One last note- my TPT store will be on sale through Sunday night!! Just thought I would extend for the fun of it!! You can check out some St. Patrick's Day items:

Have a great weekend! My sister and brother in law are in town this weekend and I am VERY excited!  Hop back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more random Fridays!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peek at my Week- 100th Day FINALLY!!

I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week!
We have FINALLY reached the 100th day!! YAY!! Tomorrow will be all about celebrated this milestone!  We will start with a 100 penny search! There are 2 trouble spots with this... 1- I have to spread 100 pennies around the room tomorrow morning.  2- Last year we found 99. 99! Could not find the last one so I quickly through another on a shelf and we celebrated finding it! WOOHOO!  Then I found the missing one a couple months later. HA!  Very excited for this!  We are also going to do some 100th Day Centers!  You can check them out on my plans.

Tomorrow also ends our Table Olympics!  We will finish with 2 more competitions and then will have the medal ceremony! I can't wait!  Unfortunately I couldn't find gold, silver, and bronze medals... So everyone will get the same color, but that's OK.  I will do a full recap of the competition and ceremony with pictures later this week for you to see.

Here are the plans:

 You can get the plans HERE and that doc with the links HERE.

Have a fabulous week friends!  My sister and brother in law come to visit at the end of the week so I'm hoping this week goes fast!!!! Head back over to Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to peek at more weeks!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peek at my Week- not quite the 100th day... and a Freebie!

Happy Sunday friends!  (I'm actually writing this on Friday- thanks snow day!)  I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week!

Last week I told you all that the Olympic party I went to renewed my Olympic spirit and we were going to do some table olympics.  Well- day one I was in with my hat, badge, and American flag and the Olympic theme song playing and the kids were like WHAT?! And I got super excited and announced what we were going to do and the kids were like:
But by day 2 they were asking me about it all day long and were very excited when the hat, badge, and music started up again!  You can see some of the pictures on my 5 for Friday post HERE.  And next week I'll have a picture of my Olympic gettup for you!

100th Day!
We are gearing up for the 100th day!! But it's not until NEXT Monday thanks to all these snow days! UGH!!! If you haven't celebrated it yet here is a quick freebie for you!  You will need Q tips and 10 different colors of paint! Students put 10 dots in each area, making 100 in all! It is SUPER cute when finished!  I found the idea HERE through Pinterest and made my own for you all to have, which you can get HERE :-)

 Here are the plans!

I hate not knowing what I'm reading BUT all my books are at school :-(

My Para and I will both be playing a counting game with dice, game pieces, and numbers lines.

My Literacy Centers did not change this week (except the listening center) because we didn't get through all our rotations last week- snow days...

You can grab the lesson plans HERE and the doc with the links HERE.  I'm still going to try the HTML thingy Deedee talked about last week, BUT not yet because I hear it takes a loooong time. :-)

Now head back over to Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to peek at more weeks! Happy teaching!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Five for Friday AND Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Doing the usual Friday thing and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for some Five for Friday fun!
Last week we worked on number combinations (decomposing numbers) and read Chicka Chicka 123 to get us in the mood for numbers.  I finally made our Chicka Chicka tree, complete with number leaves and number combination leaves! LOVE IT!

2 is the number of snow days I had this week.  SOOO our Valentines celebration will be on Tuesday and it pushes our 100th day back AGAIN.  That will now be on Feb 24! jeez! These days did come at the perfect time however because I had NO VOICE left after my Wednesday conferences.  It's finally feeling better today :-)  And lastly, in honor of snow days and Valentines day this definitely happened:

I just had to share this homework that one of my kids completed this week.  They were supposed to complete the puzzle (which we cut out at school) and use it to write in the missing 10's numbers on the 100 chart.  This is how they chose to do it:
 LOL! I love the commitment to gluing each one on...
So I have officially started some intense intervention with 3 of my students who are still working on learning their uppercase and lowercase letters!  Luckily theres only 3 of these friends.  At conferences this week I had to tell these 3 parents that their children are at risk for repeating kindergarten- hopefully this will motivate them to help out a little bit at home!!! Here is one of my kiddos using Deedee Wills' Super Speed Intervention Activity.  Love it- you can check it out on TPT HERE.

We started the Table Olympics this week!! I set it up as a minute to win it style team competition! So fun!!  I will have to show you a picture of me setting this whole thing up next week- its awesome!  Here are some pics of competition:
In our first event they had to stack 13 foam cubes up without them falling! It proved harder than they thought!

Unfortunately one of my friends on this team was a VERY sore loser so we had to have a conversation about winning, losing, etc... 
This was the first group to finish- they were just sitting there quietly, hands in their lap.  It was hilarious! When I saw they were done I was like you guys gotta cheer!!!

Day 2 required them to hook together 20 links!

And they knew how to cheer when they were finished!!
 As a side note- and this may become controversial- all my kids will get something for participating in the Olympics, but not everyone will get a medal.  I am running this just like the real Olympics.  I think it's important for kids to understand that not everyone can be THE winner when you play a game.  What do you think?

Also- I NEED SOME HELP FRIENDS! How do you all get cute little pictures on your photos to cover the kids' faces?!?!  I have to open them in Paint and put a big blog on their face... not cute.  Any tips??

 Have a great long weekend!! You have President's Day off right?! Jump back over to Doodle Bugs Teaching for more Five for Friday!