Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peek at my Week- not quite the 100th day... and a Freebie!

Happy Sunday friends!  (I'm actually writing this on Friday- thanks snow day!)  I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week!

Last week I told you all that the Olympic party I went to renewed my Olympic spirit and we were going to do some table olympics.  Well- day one I was in with my hat, badge, and American flag and the Olympic theme song playing and the kids were like WHAT?! And I got super excited and announced what we were going to do and the kids were like:
But by day 2 they were asking me about it all day long and were very excited when the hat, badge, and music started up again!  You can see some of the pictures on my 5 for Friday post HERE.  And next week I'll have a picture of my Olympic gettup for you!

100th Day!
We are gearing up for the 100th day!! But it's not until NEXT Monday thanks to all these snow days! UGH!!! If you haven't celebrated it yet here is a quick freebie for you!  You will need Q tips and 10 different colors of paint! Students put 10 dots in each area, making 100 in all! It is SUPER cute when finished!  I found the idea HERE through Pinterest and made my own for you all to have, which you can get HERE :-)

 Here are the plans!

I hate not knowing what I'm reading BUT all my books are at school :-(

My Para and I will both be playing a counting game with dice, game pieces, and numbers lines.

My Literacy Centers did not change this week (except the listening center) because we didn't get through all our rotations last week- snow days...

You can grab the lesson plans HERE and the doc with the links HERE.  I'm still going to try the HTML thingy Deedee talked about last week, BUT not yet because I hear it takes a loooong time. :-)

Now head back over to Mrs. Will's Kindergarten to peek at more weeks! Happy teaching!


  1. It does take a LONG time! I want to go back and do it, but lordy! I don't seem to ever have enough time!

    Thank you for linking up again! Have a great week!

  2. Our 100th day keeps getting pushed back also with all these snow days!! UGHHH when will it end. I hope soon. =)

    Yay for being your newest Blog Lovin follower!!!

    Just Wild About Teaching