Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween CVC Spelling Game

I actually created something today! I haven't created something for TPT in .... 5 months?!?!?! Crazy long time!  I had big plans for this summer buuuuuuuuuuut, that never actually happened.  

I have a bunch of different themed versions of my Spell It CVC Spelling Game and here is the latest:

Here's how it works:  Spell It can either be a teacher led or student led literacy center. Students will hear a word, spell it on their spelling mat, and get points for each word spelled correctly. First to 10 points wins!

My kiddos last year absolutely LOVED playing this game!  And while my kiddos this year aren't quite ready for it, I know it will be a big hit again when they ARE ready.  

You can find it on TPT HERE and it will be ON SALE until sometime after I wake up on Saturday morning.  Enjoy and Happy Teaching!!

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