Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letter Recognition Progress!

I just have to celebrate my little people!  In my classroom I use Marsha McGuire's (from A Differentiated Kindergarten) Top Banana Letter Mastery System:

 Top Bananas-A Letter Mastery Unit Aligned to Common Core

I love it and so do my students!  And now 13 of my 18 kids are Top Bananas!!!

 So excited for these kids!!  The kid who passed today started school at the beginning of October, speaking no English, and has made so much progress! YAY!

My last 5 kids are all English Language Learners working at various levels within the WIDA scale- levels 1-4.  They are all making progress, even if it is happening slowly, which is reassuring.  To help these kids be able to practice both at school AND HOME I put together personalized flash card rings and started using them within the last week:
Sorry for the sideways photo!

 On the ring are all the uppercase letters that they know PLUS 3 letters for them to start working on.  Lowercase will be covered once all uppercase are learned.  The ring lives in their folder- going home every day to work on there and then coming back to school each morning to review at school.  That way I can add letters as need be.  OR AT LEAST THAT'S THE PLAN!  All 5 of my kids forgot them today... Looks like I will probably be making some calls home to remind them that the ring comes back to school every day. 

Here's to hoping for lots of success with this intervention so we can have our banana party!! (I hope that doesn't sound bad...)


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