Sunday, April 3, 2016

Peek at my Week: Poetry, Comparing, and Plants

Happy Sunday friends!!  I'm back to posting lesson plans!! I thought I was back before, but then.... my computer crashed :-( I'm talking blue screen of death. It said there was no more hard drive!!! AHHH!!! Luckily, I had just back *almost* everything up onto my external hard drive- thank goodness! This is the 4th work computer I've had in 2 years- is it me? Is it the crap computers they buy? Nobody knows... Here's to hoping this thing stay around for a while though :-)

This week we are starting to dive into poetry, which is fitting since April is National Poetry Month. I believe it's the 20th anniversary of it actually, so we have to go all out this year, right? 

Whenever poetry rolls around I bring out this gem:
I got this book while in college- had to buy it for a literacy class I was taking. 10 years later and I am SO thankful to the professor for making us get it because it is great! There are poems about anything and everything. Short poems, long poems, serious poems, funny poems. I'll begin by reading some poems for fun and then the kids will start visualizing and drawing what the poem made them see. 

In math we will be comparing numbers. We touched on this in the first quarter and it's time to go back to it. The best part about hitting it again is that we get to play Monster Squeeze!! It's a game from Everyday Math and it's fantastic! There is a free app version:

But I LOVE the giant floor version that I made. I don't have a picture of it for you today, but check back on my Five for Friday to see it- giant number line and big monsters :-)

We will begin studying plants this week. On the docket first will be parts of a plant, then we will discuss the plant life cycle.  All of this is perfect because on Friday we go into our school garden to plan lettuce with our wonderful garden teacher! (um, yeah, I made up garden teacher... I don't know her title but she takes care of our garden and invites classes out to teach them).

Here are the plans:

 Unfortunately my cute fonts aren't loaded onto this computer yet... 

Also, I see people are now linking up all the resources they are using throughout the week- UMMMM, I'm gonna hafta look into that... I don't know how to do it... 

Hope it's a great first full week of April for you all. Happy Teaching!

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