Monday, March 7, 2016

Peek at My Week: Graphing and Asking Questions

Happy Monday friends! I didn't finish up my plans yesterday... But they're done now!! Ha! So I'm linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek at my Week.
 Before I get to the plans I just have to share- I did my very first presentation at a conference!! WOOT! I presented at the VCTM 2016 State Conference- that's in Virginia in case the V was throwing you off.  There were 43 people in my session (!!!!) and I talked about differentiation in whole group, small group, and independent centers.  Despite being crazy nervous and not remembering the first 10 minutes it felt really good! Here I am shortly before:

Anywho, moving on to the plans. This week we are working on asking questions in language arts. It always seems that kids either really get this or really don't get this! My first group today really got this! They did great. My second group today... well, they have some learning to do.  So I introduced some question words and we will keep working on it!

We are introducing graphing this week and tallying next week! I LOVE graphing and tallying! But the best part is when we get to finish up the 2 weeks with a full graphing project. The kids each come up with a question and possible answers. We go to another classroom to collect data in the form on tally marks and then turn that data into a graph. They then analyze their data. Following through with the idea of differentiation: my friends who are having a hard time will only have 2 possible answers and MIGHT just graph, not tally, their data. We'll see how they are doing with tallies when we get to that point. I'm so excited about this!  Side note- have you seen The Great Graph Pack by Michelle Oakes?? It's amazing! You can find it HERE!

Last note: I've decided to be a better blogger. I know I write all the time- "More on that later" and then I NEVER write a post... So, here is officially my pledge to be better at it! To start, I will be blogging about the info I gave in my presentation. So, more on that later (and I really do mean it this time!)

Here are the plan:

Hope your Monday was successful and here's to a great week! Happy Teaching!


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