Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Peek at my Springy Week

Happy Masters Sunday friends! Popping on real quick to share my plans then its back to the TV for more Masters fun! I need my guys to do good today- the hubs and I have a bet... He was in the lead on Thursday, I took it over on Friday, he got it back yesterday, and now today is the day to find out who will be the winner! Loser has to do the 6am walk with the dog next weekend. So, if I lose, not big deal because I always do it... lol 

This week we are continuing the Plant Life Cycle but focusing on what plants need in order to grow. We will play the Air, Water, Sun game. I will ACTUALLY post about this later this week after I have pictures. If I don't write it then I am giving up blogging all together! 

We will be continuing with poetry this week and will begin writing it!!! My poetry writing unit has been the same for a few years now and I LOVE it. I feel like the kids really learn how to write some solid poems. Should be good again this year.

Last, math brings a review of addition and subtraction but we will be focusing on partners of 10. The goal being for the kids to memorize the partners, making math easier for them in first grade- woot!  

OK, this is already longer than I was expecting.  Here are the plans:

 Hope it's a great week for you! Happy Teaching!

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