Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitch Fix #1

Hello friends!  I've been on break for just over a week now and I am officially feeling relaxed and refreshed and very much interested in showing some love to my lonely ignored little blog.  It was a rough year so I didn't blog much, BUT it's over and time to move on.  So to celebrate I am FINALLY going to share my very first Stitch Fix box that I got back in May for my 30th birthday :-)  

 There was so much to love inside!  And it's so pretty to open up! I just love how they package everything.

 So the first thing hiding in there was a pair of Theresa Pave Open Shape Drop Earrings by Marlyn Schiff ($28.00)
They are pretty, but not really my style.  I'm a silver or white gold kind of girl and I really only wear my diamond studs or a pair with pearls from the hubs.  I keep it simple.  So, pretty, but return.

Then there was this gorgeous Marin White Denim Jacket by Liverpool ($88.00)! 

I loved the detail on the buttons!  I paired it with some jeans and a top that I already own:
I thought it was a cute, slick little outfit.  But I really don't think I would wear it that much to be honest... Not in white at least...  So, return.

Next up was the Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress by Brixon Ivy ($74.00).
I was so excited about this because yellow is SO my color! 

It fit PERFECTLY!!!  Hugged me wonderfully on top and has a nice flare in just the right spot so I can do some serious eating in this thing and it won't show! YES!!  The pictures look identical BUT I dressed it up on top with some nude colored heels (the highest I wear...) and did a more casual look with a pair of flip flops.  And decided this was a KEEPER!!!  I've worn it a few times since then and get compliment every time.

On to the next item- Jakobe Chevron Print Maxi Dress by Pixley ($78.00).

 I specifically asked for a maxi dress because I have been looking for one for a year and haven't found one that I like, until now!!!  Love the colors and the print but I was so sure I would hate the material... 
But I was so wrong.  The material is perfect for the hot and sticky DC summer! KEEPER!  I even wore it at my birthday party (but didn't manage to take a single picture... hmmmm).

Last was a Rebekah Contrast Denim Blazer by Kensie ($88.00).  I apologize for the terrible pictures ahead of time...

I love the polka dots on the inside- adds a bit of fun to the blazer and had me excited to try it on.

Loved the look with a pair of jeans and a top underneath.  And gotta have the sleeves rolled a little bit to show off the polka dots!!  
Also loved the look with a dress that I already have.  KEEPER!

All in all I kept 3/5 looks and was extremely happy!  Have you been thinking about Stitch Fix??  Visit their website for more info and give a try at least once- it's so fun! I won't be getting another fix until August, but I'll also have a gift card giveaway then to celebrate the beginning of the school year.  Wait, what!?  School year??? Let's just enjoy summer for now... Happy relaxing!

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