Sunday, May 3, 2015

Peek at my Week- data collection, field trip, and a sale!

Happy Sunday!  Now that book club has ended (I love book club) I am linking up with Deedee from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten for a Peek and my Week!
 This will be a fun week for us! (I need one of those...  We all need one of those...  We ALL need a good week this week...) We will be talking about tally marks and how to use them for data collection in math.  We will be visiting another kinder class to collect data for our Data Collection Project!! I can't wait to share these!  

We also have a field trip this week, which is always fun!  There will be a lesson about using our 5 senses in nature, a walk around the farm to see all their animals, a picnic lunch, and time on the GIANT playground.  This field trip is always a blast!

Have you heard?! There's also a TPT sale this week!
I have some things sitting in my cart already :-) Just wanted to share my biggest seller with you all.  It also just happens to be one of my students' favorite games!!  
1 student reads a word without showing anyone.  The others spell it on the board.  When time is up (however much time you want it to be), the first students spells it aloud for the group.  Everyone who spelled it right gets a point!  First to 10 win!   My students LOVE this and I love it because not only do they have to spell but they also have to take a turn reading.  There are no pictures to help them, just full on reading :-)  There is also a CCVC version for spring.  Check out all my version of Spell It! HERE.

 And on to the plans:

Hope it's a great week for you! Happy Teaching!

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